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Every vehicle manufactured after the early 1900s has a caliper-type disc brake system. The brake systems of today are very similar to the first automobile disc brakes invented in England in 1902. Although innovations have made modern brakes more reliable, powerful, and durable, engineers have yet to figure out how to make brake fluid last forever. Brake Fluid is hygroscopic and attracts moisture that causes corrosion in wheel cylinders and brake calipers. Corrosion in the brake system eventually leads to leaks. Brake fluid is a durable liquid but has one main limitation; it absorbs water that ultimately causes its boiling point to decrease, and when that happens, brake fluid that otherwise would not compress becomes compressible. Compressible brake fluid will reduce stopping power and needs to be exchanged immediately with genuine manufacturer-approved Brake Fluid. 


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Transmission Fluid  

The transmission contains Transmission Fluid that is responsible for lubrication and heat control. If the Transmission Fluid gets too low or becomes contaminated, it won’t be able to lubricate the transmission. When this happens, the friction will start to generate heat that can warp transmission parts, such as rods, forks, shafts, gears, countershaft, or synchronizer. One of the easiest ways to protect your transmission and extend its life is with a Transmission Fluid Exchange Service that removes contaminated Transmission Fluid and exchanges it with genuine manufacturer-approved Transmission Fluid. 

Don’t Hesitate: Schedule the Brake Fluid Exchange Service your Vehicle Needs Today 

Contaminated Brake Fluid will never be able to clean itself; the problem will only get worse until you can’t stop your vehicle at all. If you have any of the warning signs of contaminated brake fluid, then fixing the problem is quick and easy at Autos of the Mall by scheduling a Brake Fluid Exchange Service. Schedule a Brake Fluid Exchange Service today, and we’ll have one of our expert technicians remove your contaminated Brake Fluid and exchange it with fresh, genuine manufacturer-approved Brake Fluid. 

  • Difficulty shifting gears
  • Erratic shifting
  • Delayed or surging transmission engagement
  • Metal-on-metal sound during shifts

Restore Transmission Performance at Autos of the Mall

Ignoring any of these signs will eventually lead to transmission failure and some of the costliest repairs in the auto industry. Why ignore the warning signs when fixing the problem is so convenient at Autos of the Mall. Autos of the Mall is conveniently located in Sioux Falls within driving range of Tea and Harrisburg, South Dakota. Autos of the Mall is a quick drive for most residents living in Sioux Falls, Tea, and Harrisburg.

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