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Tire Maintenance Efficiency by Combining Tire Rotation & Wheel Balance

Tire Rotation and Wheel Balance Service combines two much-needed vehicle maintenance procedures that will provide you with a smooth ride, maximum tire life, improved passenger safety, and decreased long-term operating costs. When your tires are rotated at the recommended maintenance schedule, they are removed from their current wheel location and placed at a different position to promote even tread wear. After the wheel-tire assembly is removed for rotation, it is an excellent opportunity to have each one balanced to ensure every wheel-tire assembly has an even weight distribution. Wheel Balance Service is completed using special wheel balancing equipment that tells the certified technician where to place small lead weights on the wheel rim to make sure that they are balanced.


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Benefits of Tire Rotation & Wheel Balance Service

When you combine Tire Rotation and Wheel Balance Service, it is a great way to maximize the benefits of both. Here are the benefits associated with Tire Rotation & Wheel Balance Service: 

  • Even tread wear 
  • Smoother ride
  • Comfortable handling & better driving experience 
  • Longer tire life 
  • Reduced operating costs

Tire Maintenance for Improved Passenger Safety

One of the most important reasons to Rotate and Balance tires at the recommended maintenance interval is passenger safety. Usually, tire tread wears faster in the front compared to the rear tires. When tread starts to wear on the front tires that typically handle most of the steering forces as you drive, the tires have reduced traction with an increased likelihood that you will lose control. By scheduling Tire Rotation & Wheel Balance Service, you can ensure that the tires positioned at the front of your vehicle have adequate tread, optimum traction, and maximum passenger safety. Autos on the Mall adds significant value to every Tire Rotation & Wheel Balance Service by ending the service with a Complimentary Multi-Point Inspection that provides you with an overall health grade for your vehicle including all of its vital systems and parts. Any systems or parts with significant wear and tear can be corrected as necessary to restore peak performance. Autos on the Mall is conveniently located in Sioux Falls, SD near Tea, SD & Harrisburg, SD.

We also offer a 4x4 differential service special.


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