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Two-Wheel Alignment

Two-Wheel Alignment Service in Sioux Falls, SD

Commonly known as a front-end alignment, the purpose of a two-wheel alignment is to align the front wheels. The expert service technicians at Autos on the Mall are trained to perform two-wheel alignments on vehicles of all makes and models that have a solid rear axle. This process involves making adjustments to the caster, toe, and camber. Depending upon the vehicle model, the solid rear axles may not require adjustments. In some instances, the service technician may perform a thrust angle adjustment which allows the technician to determine if all four wheels are all in alignment and square.

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Why is a 2-Wheel Alignment Necessary?

There are tell-tale signs that may be noticed while driving which indicates a front-end alignment is necessary. If your car is pulling heavily to one side or drifting, this is one of the most obvious signs that alignment may be needed. If you have noticed a vibration in the steering wheel while driving, this may be a warning sign that your vehicle is in needed of a wheel alignment. Noticing uneven tire wear? Wheels that have become out of alignment generally create uneven tire wear which can pose a threat to driving safety and handling.

What Happens if I Don't Get My Wheels Aligned

Properly aligned wheels are essential to optimal handling while driving. Improperly aligned wheels can increase the risk of accidents and tire damage. The overall life of your tires is drastically increased with regular front-end alignments. When the symptoms relating to the misalignment are noticed, if an alignment does not occur, the tire quality and longevity are negatively affected and can result in the need to purchase new tires.

Additionally, failing to get a 2-wheel alignment can result in placing unnecessary stress on the vehicle's suspension system and supporting components which can lead to costly repairs. The misalignment of the front wheels can negatively affect steering and handling while driving at high speeds or on uneven or wet roads, increasing the chances of an accident.

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Conveniently located in Sioux Falls, SD, Autos on the Mall is a family-owned and operated business and your one-stop-shop for servicing your car or providing you with a new or used vehicle. We believe in offering fair deals and impeccable service and are dedicated to offering competitive prices, access to a variety of well-stocked high-quality parts and highly trained expert technicians and staff members that are committed to helping you with your automotive and service needs.

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