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Cooling System Maintenance

The primary responsibility of the Cooling System is to keep the engine running cool within the desired operating range. The Cooling System executes its job by absorbing heat produced by the engine with circulating coolant fluid and then dissipates that heat out of the cooling fluid at the radiator. The water pump circulates coolant fluid throughout the cooling system with the engine heat absorbed by circulating the fluid through engine passages. When the engine is running, the water pump is always circulating coolant fluid to dissipate heat. The thermostat is positioned in the cooling system to control the coolant flow as needed given the engine’s temperature. Every Cooling System Service at Autos on the Mall includes a Coolant Fluid exchange with an inspection of cooling system components to ensure that they are in good working order. Autos on the Mall is conveniently located in Sioux Falls near Tea & Harrisburg, SD.


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Cooling System Service: Vital for Engine Temperature Control

When the engine gets hot, the thermostat responds by opening the system to allow cooling. When the engine is cool, the thermostat closes the system to bring the temperature up. Coolant fluid circulates through the system coming into contact with various materials prone to wear and tear. The pressures, heat, and contact with multiple elements will eventually cause the coolant fluid to lose integrity. When this happens, your engine’s temperature control is at high risk along with the threat of engine damage if overheating occurs. 

When should I get a Cooling System Service?

The very last thing that you want to consider is waiting until the first scorching summer day to evaluate how the Cooling System is performing. Scheduling Cooling System Service between seasons at this time of the year is an excellent strategy that protects your engine throughout the sizzling South Dakota summer. Although it is a smart decision to schedule Cooling System Service at the recommended maintenance schedule outlined in your owner’s manual, we also recommend monitoring your vehicle for any warning signs of inadequate cooling system performance to prevent consequences associated with a cooling system defect. Here are some common warning signs related to defective engine cooling that should motivate you to schedule a Cooling System Service ASAP: 

  • Engine overheating
  • Smell antifreeze (sweet)
  • Repeated coolant fluid topping off 
  • Leaking coolant (usually at the front of the vehicle) 

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Autos on the Mall is conveniently located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and we also support our surrounding cities of Tea and Harrisburg! Along with your Cooling System Service, we also offer a complimentary Multi-Point Inspection and car wash service. If you would like to wait for your car, then we invite you to relax in our comfortable waiting area that includes: free Wi-Fi, snacks, coffee/beverages, magazines/newspapers, a children’s play area, and a work station if you want to get some work done while you wait! We will be honored to service you and look forward to seeing you in the shop!

We also offer an Engine Air Filter Replacement Service Special.


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