Consign your vehicle. The Adventure Starts Here!

Are you trying to sell your vehicle as a private owner ? Do we have a deal for you!

Consignment!! Bring us your vehicle and let us sell it for you! No more wasting your time, no more strangers contacting you. We have done this for many years and can bring you top dollar for your vehicle!!

Benefits of consignment:

    • Time: No more wasting your time answering phone calls or waiting for someone to show up. Let us free up your valuable time! We will properly market the vehicle and assign one of our professional sales reps to your vehicle.

    • Money: We have done this a very long time and can bring top market value for your vehicle! Its our job to put the most amount of money possible into your pocket!!

    • Location: You vehicles will be showcase in a prime location on our lot on 41st Street and the entrance to the Empire Mall. This prime location will offer your vehicle prime exposure to thousands of potential buyers each day.

    • Safety: No more strangers contacting you or showing up at your house. Today’s world is different and we are here to protect you.

    • Financing: We work with multiple lenders and can get approvals for buyers in a matter of minutes. No more waiting for someone to check with their bank for approval!

    • Customer: We want to help you by putting you into the right position on your next purchase! No more hassle of what your vehicle is worth when you are trading it in, let us get you the money you deserve for it!

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