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Brake Services

Brake Services - Inspection, Pad Replacement, Fluid Exchange, and Rotors

Proper brake service starts with an inspection of your vehicle's brake pads, rotors, lines, and brake fluid. You should always have your brake system serviced by a trained professional. If you're lucky enough to live in the Sioux Falls area of South Dakota, nobody beats Autos on the Mall when it comes to Brake Service, or any service, for that matter.

Brake Service Explained

Your vehicle's brake system consists of brake pads, brake rotors, brake fluid, brake lines, and a master cylinder. When you step down on your car's brake pedal, brake fluid gets pushed through the lines and causes the brake pads to pinch the rotors and slow your vehicle down (picture a bicycle's hand brake). Brake service includes an initial inspection for worn or defective components and a recommendation on which parts need repair or replacement. Your service technician at Autos on the Mall will explain your best options and help you decide which services to have performed.

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What Happens if I Don't Service My Brakes When Recommended?

Worn brake components left unchecked can quickly put you at risk. A leak in your brake lines can cause brake failure and an inability to stop as needed. While replacing brake pads usually won't break your budget, pads that wear too far down may cause your brake rotors to develop pitting and an uneven surface and require replacement or resurfacing. Aside from the financial aspect, a warped rotor may also cause your brake system to fail, as well.

Autos on the Mall for Brake Service & Parts

The highly trained mechanics at Autos on the Mall have years of experience, and service all types of vehicles. Autos on the Mall offers discounts on most routine maintenance services including brake inspection, brake fluid exchange, brake pad replacement, tire rotation, transmission service, and much more. You can even schedule your service appointment online. Our clean and comfortable waiting area offers free WiFi and complimentary beverages. When you can't wait, they also have free drop off and pick up. Whether your vehicle requires simple maintenance or sophisticated repair, Autos on the Mall has the service for you.

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