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Battery Replacement Service

How your Vehicle’s Battery Works

Automotive batteries are designed to be small, but the power it provides to the engine and electrical components is immensely important. The first crucial vehicle performance responsibility handled by the battery is starting the engine. It is the battery that provides the electrical voltage to the starter by converting chemical energy to electrical energy. Without a battery, the engine won’t be able to start. The battery also has a second crucial job – it powers the electrical system when the engine is not running. If you have an aging or an about-to-die battery, then we invite you to get a Battery Replacement Service at Autos on the Mall. Every battery that we install is manufacturer-approved for fit and performance in your exact car, truck, van, or SUV.


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Symptoms of a Battery Defect Requiring Replacement Service

When you have a dead battery, your vehicle is dead until the battery is recharged or replaced. Sometimes a faulty battery will take additional charge for a short period but will ultimately die again. Other times a faulty battery will be completely dead and won’t be able to hold any voltage at all. No matter the exact condition of your battery now, if it is over two years old or is showing signs of inadequate performance then it is an excellent decision to get a Battery Replacement Service at Autos on the Mall. Here are the symptoms of a battery problem signaling you to schedule Battery Replacement Service:

  • Slow engine cranking or hard starting
  • Engine backfires  
  • Clicking sound when turning the ignition key 
  • Engine cranks but won’t start 
  • Required a jump start or two recently 
  • Intermittent starting – easy starting one day with hard starting the next

As seasons change, we know that both extreme temperatures and temperature change are significant threats to the life of your battery. If your battery is at least one year old, that means it has already faced scorching summer days, frigid winter temperatures, and significant temperature fluctuation. Battery Replacement Service at Autos on the Mall can give you exactly what you need for reliable battery performance throughout the summer. Autos on the Mall is conveniently located in Sioux Falls near Tea & Harrisburg, SD.

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