Autos of the Mall: Service Overview

Bring your vehicle to Autos of the Mall to restore it to peak performance. At Autos of the Mall, our skilled expert technicians are here and ready to provide exceptional automotive services. From an essential engine oil change, transmission repair to engine replacement, Autos of the Mall is dedicated to the highest-quality customer service. You’ve got nothing to lose but the poor service you’ve been getting elsewhere. With a legion of loyal customers that continue to bring their automobile to us for the service that they need, it’s time for you to consider where you will bring your vehicle when it needs service. We invite you to get peace of mind with your future auto services by bringing your car to Autos of the Mall whenever you need anything from basic maintenance to extensive repairs. We also have a tire center to address all your vehicle's tire needs! 

Service in Sioux Falls Area

Autos on the Mall can service your vehicles in and around the Sioux Falls area.  We have everyday low prices on all our Service Specials.  We specialize in oil changes, tire rotations and all late model services.  Providing the best customer service in this industry means being prepared to handle a range of services from basic maintenances at specific service intervals outlined in your owner’s manual to repairing faulty of damaged components. Here is a breakdown of the services you can receive at Autos of the Mall:

  • Maintenance – Maintenance is a broad subject but generally includes the basic vehicle upkeep items that help keep a vehicle on the road for a long time. Basic maintenance includes things like engine oil change, transmission fluid exchange, complete front brake service, battery inspection, fuel induction, check engine light diagnosis, windshield wiper blade replacement, air conditioner recharging, 4-wheel alignment, 2-wheel alignment and tire inspection and tread depth check.
  • Repairs – As vehicles age in a variety of environments and with a variety of driving styles, parts can start to show signs of wear and tear eventually failing. Repair service includes the actions taken to repair parts back to factory specifications. Repair-level services include fixing minor issues with the thermostat, brake pads, spark plugs, oxygen sensor, or ignition coil to name a few.
  • Replacement – This is the most intensive level of service that includes major repairs for vital parts or systems. Replacements are generally more time-intensive and require an expert to execute correctly. Replacement service includes fixing components or systems like the head gasket, cabin air filter, A/C compressor, transmission, camshaft, hybrid battery, or suspension.

Autos on the Mall Automotive Service Special Coupons

Autos of the Mall for vehicle services in Sioux Falls

You don’t have to continue hassling yourself servicing your vehicle at a questionable service center when Autos of the Mall offers everything your car needs with quick, convenience, price-effective, and hassle-free service. No matter what your auto needs from basic maintenance to extensive repairs, we’ve got your back at Autos of the Mall with a team of expert professionals ready to get your vehicle back on the road. Autos on the Mall is conveniently located in Sioux Falls near Tea and Harrisburg, South Dakota. If you have a vehicle needing maintenance, repair, or replacement service, Autos of the Mall is a 10- to 15-minute drive for most Sioux Falls residents.

Why Service at Autos on the Mall?

  • Competitively Priced
  • Detail Department
  • Dent Removal
  • Service all Makes & Models
  • We offer drop off & pick up
  • Wifi
  • Community Involvement