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What is a 4x4 Differential?

In terms of engineering and mechanical function, the automotive differential has three primary tasks. First, a differential directs engine power received by the transmission and sends it into each drive wheel. Secondly, it performs final gear control by decreasing rotational speed for inside drive wheels while cornering. Third, it distributes torque into each drive wheel while using gears to allow opposing wheels to rotate at slightly different rates. Allowing for different wheel rotation is the reason why it is called the Differential. A 4x4 Differential is the same as a 2-wheel drive differential or an All-Wheel Drive differential. However, a 4x4 vehicle requires two separate differentials on each axle, one for the front wheels and one for the rear wheels. Each differential has a dedicated driveshaft that connects the unit to the transmission where it receives torque. This means that 4x4 Differential Service includes servicing two differentials, the Front Differential, and the Rear Differential.


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Are there any Warning Signs of a 4x4 Differential Problem?

Most differential problems start small, but if left unattended, will only worsen over time alongside the symptoms related to differential performance. The ultimate consequence of a defective differential is an immovable vehicle that cannot distribute torque into the drive wheels at all. Usually, there will be warning signs of a faulty component telling you that a Differential Service is necessary. Here are the warning signs related to a Differential Problem:

  • Odometer mileage over the recommended maintenance interval
  • Annoying noises usually explained as whining, clunking, or moaning
  • Delayed gear engagement or what feels like gears jerking
  • Pungent burning smell from the differential

What happens during 4x4 Differential Service?

4x4 Differential Service features an expert technician that will service both differentials. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to restore the differentials’ factory-specified condition and peak performance. The old fluid will be replaced with fresh manufacturer-approved differential fluid. Any parts with significant wear and tear can be replaced as needed to restore differential performance at factory specifications. Autos on the Mall is conveniently located in Sioux Falls, SD near Tea, SD & Harrisburg, SD. 

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